Here is a selection of pieces that best highlights my breadth of experience composing in different styles.


This was a project I worked on for Final Form Games. The game was given an honorable mention by the IGF for Excellence in Audio, and won the second place for OSV’s Best Indie Game Soundtrack of 2011.


A recently released game from Suspicious Developments. Gunpoint was nominated to IGF 2012 for Excellence in Design. Recently, it was also nominated to BAFTA Games 2014 for Best British Game and Best Debut Game.


An upcoming Jazz Age RPG developed by Inglenook Games.


Subterfuge it’s a week-long game of strategy and diplomacy developed by Noel Llopis and Ron Camel.


Developed by Paper Dino Software, “Save The Date!” is an experimental indie game about having a dinner. It has been nominated to IGF 2014 and IndieCade 2013.


Monkey Story is an iOS game developed by 7th Gear.


Rigonauts is a fantastical building battle game from Engient, winner of Activision’s 2011 Independent Games Competition.


From time to time, I find myself especially proud of a demo track or a piece I composed on the side. Here are some highlights!

If you’re looking for a composer and you like what you hear, go ahead and drop me a line!

You can listen to more of my music at my Soundcloud Site. Also, feel free to check out my Youtube Channel for some piano videos.