Here are some things clients, critics, and fans have said about my work:

There were also two particular songs among the submissions that just clicked perfectly with different parts of the game: for the shop and upgrade interfaces you access on your phone, Francisco Cerda’s gorgeous smooth jazz was exactly what I wanted.

— Tom Francis, Client, http://www.gunpointgame.com/

When the time came to select a composer, we worked with a few (truly amazing) candidates, but ultimately could not refuse Francisco’s passion, versatility, speed, and sheer compositional might.

— Tim Ambrogi, Client, http://www.jamestowngame.com/

Chilean musician Francisco Cerda puts together powerful and dramatic songs that make every battle feel like an epic struggle of magnificent proportions. From elements of cowboy westerns to climactic operatic boss battles, every minute of the music was enjoyable, and despite many repeated attempts at some of the harder game levels, it never became tiring.

— Armand Kossayan, Reviewer, http://bnbgaming.com/

[Jamestown’s] menu music is wistful, poetic, and eager all at once. The “level completed” music is a jolly Western jingle that just screams “accomplishment!” The ominous cello music that fades in the title—it actually succeeds at getting you pumped, just before you’re laughing your face off at the reveal of the actual plot.

— George Weidman, Reviewer, http://truepcgaming.com/